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Incentives Based on Geography

Core Improvement Area

The Core Improvement Area allows for the exemption of all County and City impact fees, excluding water and wastewater.  The "Core" includes all designated Historic Districts, the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area, and some portions of the Mid Town Community Redevelopment Area including the Medical District.   Read More...

Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area

Design Assistance Grants
Property owners are able to work with pre selected local architects to develop conceptual designs for exterior improvements to properties within the CRA district.

Facade Improvement Matching Grants
Dollar-for-dollar matching grants are offered to property owners to be used towards eligible exterior improvements to properties within the CRA district.  Maximum grant amount is $15,000.  Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Food-Related Services Incentive Program NEW
Offers up to $15,000 in dollar-for-dollar matching funds to assist in establishing food-related businesses in eligible properties within the CRA.  Matching funds are a grant that can be used to offset the cost of eligible lease-hold improvements necessary to establish and operate a food service or restaurant business.  Apply Now

Downtown Community Redevelopment Area

Tax Increment Financing
Qualified applicants will be eligible to receive tax increment reimbursement on a sliding scale for a maximum of ten years. The renovation/improvement must be at least 50% of the then current assessed value of the property and must bring the property into compliance with all building codes. The applicant must apply for consideration prior to receiving a building permit for construction.

Enterprise Zone

An Enterprise Zone is a specific geographic area targeted for economic revitalization. Florida’s Enterprise Zone Program was created to encourage growth and investment in distressed areas by offering tax advantages and incentives to businesses locating within the zone.  More information.

Lakeland Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Design Assistance NEW
Downtown Design Assistance is intended to give current or potential property owners/developers, or prospective business owners, access to professional technical assistance regarding site development and building and fire code compliance for existing properties within Downtown Lakeland.   A particular emphasis of this program is to bring existing second and third floor spaces back to occupancy.  Other qualified projects will include those that convert ground floor spaces to retail or service uses.  

Mid Town Community Redevelopment Area

Mid Town Gateway Incentive Pilot Program NEW
The Mid Town Gateway Incentive Pilot Program is intended to incentivize large commercial property owners, who have the greatest potential for high quality employment for our residents, to make significant investments in the expansion or upgrade of real property in order to improve the appearance of our entrances and to stimulate additional redevelopment activity.

Model Block Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance
Downpayment and closing cost assistance for homebuyers in target neighborhoods.  No income qualifications.  Currently offered in the Parker Street Target Area.

Small Project Assistance (Infrastructure Improvement Assistance)
Small Project Assistance is a dollar-for-dollar matching grant that can be used towards any public infrastructure improvement triggered by a redevelopment project within the Mid Town district.  It is is available to commercial property owners along Development Corridors (Kathleen Road, N. Florida Avenue/US 98N, Lakeland Hills Boulevard, Griffin Road, Memorial Boulevard) within the district.  Preference is given to commercial properties within any of the targeted study areas (Small Area Study, US 98 Corridor Study).  Maximum grant amount is $15,000.  Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis.